Writer for Hire


  • My Thoughts Are Free - In Nazi Germany, an intelligent 10-year old girl must educate herself against all odds, to escape her rural northeastern farm village and the approaching Russian invasion. /Produced by Kathryn Lekan of Barn 38 Productions, and  Thomas Augsberger, of Eden Rock Media, and starring Hannah Herzsprung the film is currently being packaged to begin filming 2021 in multiple countries. I adapted the screenplay from the memoir here.

  • Slipped - When a woman drugs her younger date, she enlists her sister to drag him to a hotel room and figure out what to do next. /Directed by Joshua J. Smith.. Filmed the week before lockdown and completed July 2020. Based on my short play of the same name. IMDB page here.

  • Marriage Goals - On her 30th birthday, an aimless intellectual decides to become her social media "ideal image" and win back the only thing she has going for herself: her ex./In development with  Kathryn Lekan of Barn 38 Productions.

  • Dead on Arrival - When an enthusiastic yet awkward Pre-Med student uncovers her medical school illegally selling human body parts for profit, she realizes her idealism may be better suited for the dead than the living. /In development with Kathryn Lekan of Barn 38 Productions.

  • One Mississippi - Based on a true story, tenacious women’s rights activist Diane Derzis fights the powerful anti-choice movement to keep Mississippi’s last legal abortion clinic open—taking the battle all the way to the Supreme Court./In development with 4th Wall Entertainment

  • Cheesecake Casserole - With graduation looming, four friends get together for one last weekend to confront the secrets that hold the key to the rest of their lives . Adapted and produced by Axis Pacific Filmworks, this feature film based on my first full length play, The Kitchen Sink, is available on Amazon Prime.

  • Untitled Classic Rock Musical - I collaborated with producer Jon Shapiro, and rock veteran musician, Russ Irwin (Aerosmith, Sting) to write the  book to a rock musical about an emerging superstar in the 1970s. / In development with Ideal Entertainment.

  • The Mary Pickford Project - The first and second episode of a one hour drama about the rise and fall of Mary Pickford./ Hourglass Entertainment.

  • I'm Your Man - (Script Consultant)/Light Hearted Films, adapted from the French novel,
    La Bell Image.


  • MiTu Network - (Script Consultant)/Led a roundtable discussion with entire creative team on ways to improve the pilot for: Beauty Shop. 

Work samples available upon request