Writer for Hire


I get hired by production companies to write scripts. Here is a selection of works that are either finished, or in development. 


  • Retaliatonship - On her 30th birthday, an aimless intellectual decides to become her social media "ideal image" and win back the only thing she has going for herself: her ex./Barn 38 Productions

  • My Thoughts Are Free - In Nazi Germany, an intelligent 10-year old girl must educate herself against all odds, to escape her rural northeastern farm village and the approaching Russian invasion. /Barn 38 Productions
    Screenplay adapted from the memoir here.


  • Dead on Arrival - When an enthusiastic yet awkward Pre-Med student uncovers her medical school illegally selling human body parts for profit, she realizes her idealism may be better suited for the dead than the living. /Barn 38 Productions

  • One Mississippi - Based on a true story, tenacious women’s rights activist Diane Derzis fights the powerful anti-choice movement to keep Mississippi’s last legal abortion clinic open—taking the battle all the way to the Supreme Court./4th Wall Entertainment

  • Untitled Classic Rock Musical - The book to a rock musical about an emerging superstar in the 1970s. / Ideal Entertainment

  • The Mary Pickford Project - A TV pilot about the life of Mary Pickford /
    Hourglass Entertainment


  • I'm Your Man (Script Consultant)/Light Hearted Films

  • MiTu Network (Script Consultant)/Beauty Shop

                          Work samples available upon request